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As Palamut Holding, we try to be successful in all areas of life and defend the importance of supporting the successful ones.

We are honored to achieve new successes every year with our sponsorship activities and teams.

MU Sailing

We sponsored Marmara University Sailing Club. We are proud to be partners in the future dreams and successes of our youth. As Palamut Group, we will always be behind strong, fearless, successful and determined generations.

Palamut & CPM Sailing

Operating in two different sectors, Palamut Group and CPM Software have found a common ground in the sea. Competing for the summit under the leadership of Targan Hazarhun, Palamut & CPM Sailing Team worked hard and non-stop to live the team spirit in the sea and to achieve success in this field, and managed to return home with trophies.

The Palamut & Cpm Sailing Sailing Team, created under the main sponsorship of Palamut Holding, achieved success in 26 different races.

Recep Palamut, Chairman of the Board of Palamut Group, stated that he participated in the races individually before establishing the Palamut & CPM Sailing team; “When we thought about how we could make these races both more professionally and as a social activity, including our employees, we decided to participate in the races with a racing boat, and we received serious feedback that our employees would support this team and want to participate in the races. The idea of establishing a team with our company employees increased our motivation.”

"Life in Sailing,

It is the projection of business life."

“A sailing boat is like running a company. There is team work. There is a leader in the team and everyone listens to that leader’s direction. Each team is in an important position individually. The general manager is the leader and the executive members are the rings of the company. Just as a storm can break out at sea, companies may face various crises. In this case, the leader should be able to make quick decisions, keep the motivation of the staff high, and manage stress management well. The leader may vary depending on the move to be made in sailing and the General Manager may perform different duties in the team and take orders. This increases the efficiency in the company and improves the empathy of the employees.”

Recep Palamut


Born on November 21, 1989, Simin Bıçakcıoğlu successfully graduated from the Department of English Language and Comparative Literature at Koç University. Bicakcıoğlu, who has been interested in many sports branches such as archery, horse riding and volleyball, started his automobile sports career at the age of 18 with the training she received from Safari Motorsports and participated in track races in the 2008-2009 seasons. Increasing his experience by participating in rallycross and climbing races in the 2010 season, Simin Bıçakcıoğlu competed in the Turkish Rally Championship in the 2011 season on behalf of Neo Motorspor. Competing with the Fiat Punto S1600 under the co-pilot of Afşin Baydar on behalf of Pegasus Racing in the 2012 season, the successful pilot announced the Turkey Rally Women Drivers and Class 5 championships.


In addition to the training programs in Turkey, Bıçakcıoğlu went to Vittorio Caneva Rally School in Italy and John Haugland Winter Rally School in Norway, competing for Neo Motorspor in the 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 seasons, winning the Women’s Pilots Championship 4 times in a row. She did.

We would like to thank our pilot Simin Bıçakçıoğlu, who brought us victories during our sponsorship.