We Listen to the Voice of the World…

“As Palamut Shoe Materials, one of our most fundamental values in our 30-year growth process has been to add value to the lands and people we operate in. We manage our work by considering environmental and social impacts, and we determine our values and strategies with the dream of a livable future for our world and our people. ”


For many years, we have been implementing corporate social responsibility projects that will add value in many areas such as contributing to quality education, fighting poverty and hunger, water problem, responsible production and consumption, protecting forests and the environment by saying “Everything for Education”.


We develop digital transformation projects that facilitate all our business processes and shape our future, focus on R&D and innovation in all our brands with an innovative perspective, and support in-house entrepreneurship with our own software.

Kids for Nature and Ecology
Saving our Earth

As Palamut Shoe Materials, we carry out important works that we believe will add value to the future together with all our group companies and stakeholders. We aim to prevent educational inequality with our project “Everything for Education”, which is one of our priority sustainable issues. We are producing a solution to the problem of finding water, one of the sad problems of the GAP region. We say that there will be no school without water and we contribute to our children’s access to clean water sources with the water wells we drilled in the school gardens. Again, we repair the education areas of our young people in the region who do not have a roof, no glass, no floor, where they can enter and receive education, and we support efficient education by bringing them together with a warm classroom. We want our children not to be cold when they go to school. We provide clothing support such as coats, boots and shoes. We extend a hand to our young people and families who are trying to cope with hunger and poverty, regularly provide monthly food support, and share our bread. We are working with all our strength to face poverty, hunger and the problem of finding clean water, creating solutions and paving the way for education on equal terms.

Protection of forests, a cleaner environment, contribution to ecological life, a better society, responsible production and consumption are among our sustainable priorities as a group this year. We attach importance to the fact that our products are environmentally friendly and recyclable. We pay attention to our production and consumption habits, and we produce solutions and services that are sensitive to human health and the environment.

Reducing environmental impacts, developing projects that contribute to social areas, and offering innovative and value-producing products and services will continue to be our most important values. We will continue our efforts to leave a livable world with the strength of the lives we have touched as a result of the projects we have implemented.