Social Responsibility

The Best Example of Responsibility Not Volunteering “Everything for Education”

We achieved an important success by reaching 450 schools and 300,000 children in total in 5 years across Turkey. Our 2023 goal is to reach 600 Schools and 500,000 students…


We reached 85 water wells in total with 50 water wells drilled and 35 water wells repaired. Thanks to the scholarship given to 263 students, we have enabled children who have just started life 1-0 to learn by experiencing social solidarity and cooperation. We donated 35,000 winter clothes, 69,000 winter shoes and 104,000 winter clothes in total. We supported a total of 102.000 books with 65.000 catechism, 17.000 blessed journeys, 20.000 education books. We provided 74 copiers, 18 generators, 9 projectors and a total of 101 tools. We repaired and remodeled 5 cafeterias, 5 libraries and 28 schools in total. We have donated 450 qurbans in total. We regularly provide food aid to between 500 and 1000 families in need every month.

“With the drilling machine we gave as a gift to Niger among our foreign support, we have been instrumental in the drilling of hundreds of water wells. Again, we supported the hospital to be opened in Niger. We provide food and clothing support to our friends in the Syrian Peace Spring region. “

Be a Part of Goodness, Too!

For detailed information, visit Rabve Foundation’s website, be a reason for a smile…