About Us

Palamut Shoe Materials Maintains Its Leadership in Turkish Footwear Sub-Industry and Leather Goods Sector with Distributorship of Sixteen Different World Brands from Seven Countries. It is based on environmental awareness and protection of ecological balance in all its products and brands. Palamut Group, one of Turkey’s leading technological companies, is one of the players followed in the market with the quality service it offers to its customers.


The story of the Palamut Shoe Materials brand started in 1994 by selling genuine leather in a 20 square meter shop in Gedikpaşa, Istanbul. When we come to 2023, it continues to exist in many markets from the footwear sub-industry to the textile clothing industry, from saddlery to the automotive sub-industry. It is one of the players followed in the market with its technological infrastructure, variety of quality products suitable for fashion and needs, amount of stock and meeting customer demands.

In our adventure that started with Turkey, Macedonia, Romania and Serbia, today we are in business partnership with brands that are role models for the world market in terms of nature-friendly product diversity in many countries from Italy to Germany, from Far East countries to Spain.


Turkey is one of the first countries in the world in the shoe sub-industry and leather goods industry. As Palamut Group, we are also aware of the responsibility and awareness of achieving brand awareness in the world. For a livable world, we are in a structure that directs the sectors we are in with our environmentally friendly, recyclable products. With our R&D center located in the Far East, we produce and supply innovative, new generation products and materials.